I bought fresh, ripe peaches, and I don't eat them super fast. I want them to last fresh for as long as possible. How should I store them?

Helpful details would address:

  1. Under what parameters would I use plastic? Should I seal it? Can the peaches touch the plastic?
  2. If I refrigerate, what drawer should they go in?
  3. What other foods should or should they not be near?
  4. Should I store them submerged, moist, dry, or with absorbent material?

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For ripe peaches the main thing is avoid handling them. They bruise very easily. I leave them in the box and just slide the box in a shelf in the fridge. You are only going to get a few days out of them.

Never in a drawer as too much handling. Don't stack. Dry. I would never wrap or seal to keep mold down but that part is more opinion than hard evidence.

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