I made a triple chocolate cheesecake. The bottom is just crushed Oreos (no filling) and melted butter which is baked to make the crust.

But once I was done making the cheesecake and tried to serve it, the crust is sufficiently crumbly that it like leaves a trail every time I serve it.

My Question

Is there a way to reduce how crumbly the crust is?

I don't need it to be perfectly congealed, but I'd like it to not get everywhere when I serve it and so a more congealed crust would be preferable.

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    How tightly did you pack it when you made the cheesecake? I find that crumb crusts need to be packed very well in order to hold together when serving. – Catija Aug 15 '16 at 18:28
  • I applied a fair amount of force when pushing it down flattening it. I mean, it could be an issue of not packing enough. Perhaps I don't efficiently or correctly apply force to smooth and pack it. But I don't think it's that because I have a different cheesecake recipe that uses graham crackers and I don't have this issue with that one. I'm not quite sure why the Oreo crust doesn't stick together. – Stan Shunpike Aug 15 '16 at 19:12
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    What's the butter to cookie ratio? Depending on what cookies I crumble, I sometimes add more butter for this reason. Also, do you bake the crust before adding the cheesecake? – Eric Aug 15 '16 at 19:46
  • Yes, I bake it before hand. 2 cups Oreos 3 Tbsp butter. Baked at 350°F for ~ 8 min – Stan Shunpike Aug 15 '16 at 20:35
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    Some recipes add some sugar to the butter. That can make it stickier (even to the point of toffee holding the biscuit together, which is going too far). – Chris H Aug 16 '16 at 11:45

When you crumble the Oreos for the Oreo crust, keep the fillings in. You can put them all in a plastic bag and squash them thoroughly with a rolling pin, then scrape the whole (somewhat greasy) mass out and press it into your cheesecake pan. That one ingredient -whole Oreos- is all you need for the crust.

  • That's a good point -- the centers are fat & sugar, so you already have the fat you need. – Joe Dec 11 '16 at 10:46

I recommend trying a mixture of graham crackers and Oreo. You'll still get the flavor of the Oreo, and you'll also have the graham cracker as a binding agent.

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