I have this T-Fal non stick pot, and really I don't have any use for the non stick coating. I'm wondering if there's any harm in washing it in the dishwasher aside from the non-stick coating wearing off. In particular I am wondering about food safety.


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  • How is a potential safety issue arising or not arising from continued use of damaged equipment not a food safety issue? Aug 22, 2016 at 16:51

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According to this manual, it is actually dishwasher safe

t-fal manual


It already looks like the coating has worn off significantly. Without making any health claims (as I don't know what the impact of ingesting particles of T-fal coating), I don't think the dishwasher is going to do more damage, or release any more coating, than your use of inappropriate non-stick utensils already has. ...maybe, just time for a new pot.


Most non-stick can survive dishwashers anyway. If it's already scratched the scratches might get bigger but not necessarily. Depending on the metal underneath, there's a chance of it starting to flake off. Once that happens, it's pretty much gone.

The downside of the coating coming off is that food sticks worse than it would to a pan that was bare metal to start with. This may have something to do with intermediate surface treatments, and isn't a problem if you're using it for just boiling things in water.

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