What would be the most effective way of getting most of the juice from nectarine pulp? It seems too thick for a coffee filter and the metal screen I have is small and takes forever to use, I'm wondering if anyone has a kitchen-hack for this.


You may want to explain what you want to do with said juice, but since you tagged your question "cocktails", I am thinking that clarified juice might be good. One option (if you don't have a centrifuge, of course) would be to remove the pits, then gently blend (you may want to avoid heating too much in a powerful blender) with the enzyme, pectinase, commonly branded Pectinex Ultra SPL (Available through mail order). This is an enzyme that destroys pectin. Let your mixture rest, then filter. If you are not so worried about the impact of heat on flavor, the enzyme works faster when heated to 122F (50C). You can get the details here.

  • Thank you @peter, and yes i wanted clarified juice but also i wanted to make syrup but i settled with an apple butter type of thing – Tate MasterT8 Boger Sep 15 '16 at 20:22

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