I like the idea of using Teff flour for its health properties but find that results are unpleasantly gritty. It's as if I am using sand as a medium.
This is the Teff Date Bread recipe I tried, and I tried several different ones.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Is it the brand that's faulty? Thanks


I don't know about the brand, but flours which are sold for health purposes are often whole grain. If it has the bran milled together with the corn, there is no way around the grittiness.

I don't know if something like "teff cake flour" exists, as it is probably the opposite of what teff eaters want. You could try calling the producers of your brand and asking. Else see if cycling through brands helps. But for such a niche product, it might be that all brands do whole grain only.

  • Given its higher fibre content and the tiny size of its grains, it sounds like teff flour would have a significantly higher percentage of bran than other whole grain flours. – Ross Ridge Nov 10 '16 at 23:26

In America's Test Kitchen's "How Can it be Gluten Free", they mentioned that you typically have to give other flours extra time to soak before cooking.

They recommended giving your dough or batter a 30 minute rest before baking, so the flours fully hydrate. This may also require adding additional liquid.

  • thank you for your advice. will definitely give it a go - it sounds so logical. I love logical... :-) – winnend Nov 21 '16 at 21:49

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