I used to make a lot of cakes using tapioca flour. Now I've moved to another country and rarely stumbled upon the flour in the supermarket. Last time I found gari which also made from cassava. Can I substitute gari for tapioca? Can I put it in food processor first to make the texture more similar? From what I've read, usually gari's mixed with water to make porridge, but I don't have a lot of ideas in how to use it (other than all my tapioca flour recipes).

Thank you.

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Most western substitutes call for using Corn Starch instead since the two have similar binding properties. For example see this:


Garri/Gari may seem closer to home, since it made from Tapioca as well (aka Casava), but it is a different composition than Tapioca flour. While Tapioca flour is primarily starch, Garri's composition is somewhat the opposite since Garri is what remains after the starchy water is drained from mashed-up, oiled Tapioca.

As suggested, look for starch-based flours, your best option is Corn Starch available in most countries.

Sources for my research:

On Tapioca Starch: http://www.bobsredmill.com/blog/healthy-living/what-is-it-wednesday-tapioca-flourstarch/

On Garri: Wikipedia :)

  • Hello, what a well-researched answer. Will try to replace them with corn starch then, and will take a note of the difference of the resulted cakes. I should find gari recipes to use my gari, never cooked with one before.
    – fududada
    Nov 17, 2016 at 4:59

Gari is made from kassava but it is the opposite of tapioca. That is, tapioca is the starch squeezed from kassava, and gari is the left-over fibre. It is only fibre and has little or no starch.

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