My question is regarding fresh sardines not canned.

I've recently been eating fresh and obviously the bones are not chewable like the canned ones.

I notice that i often swallow some of the small bones. Besides sometimes feeling like im getting sliced in the throat, do these bones pose any risks? Could continuing to eat them hurt me in anyway, will the bones go into the digestive system and get absorbed or might they damage the intestine?

If you say it is safe, can I keep munching on the spinal cord and then swallow it down with water and will that be safe? Please note I am asking about fresh sardines and not canned so the bones will be hard.

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    The only aspect of "safe to eat" we consider on topic here is food safety. For all other questions like "what could the bones do to my intestines", ask your trusted medical professional. – Stephie Nov 17 '16 at 5:13

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