i recently cooked a bone-in, 6 lb Prime Rib roast using the "5 minute per lb @ 500F then closed oven for 2 hours" method and it came out absolutely PERFECT! mediuam rare and delicious.


i have a boneless, 11 pound New York strip roast and was wondering if the same method and calculations can be used to create the same medium rare perfection? i dont want to take any chances on overcooking this expensive roast!

thank you for your help

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I know many people say the same thing over and over for questions like this, but: Probe thermometer. They aren't expensive. You can set them for a temperature so that you pull your roast at exactly the doneness you want. (Well, generally pull it a few degrees below that, and let it coast upward while it rests.)

Heat transfer to roasts does not mathematically work out very well for "time per pound" formulas -- generally these only seem to "work" for a certain range of weights, but they don't work in general. Adding in an uncontrolled "leave oven shut" (presumably turned off?) makes the method even more prone to imprecision.

Bottom line: Use a probe thermometer. It makes no sense to risk screwing up a $100+ cut of beef rather than buy a $20 thermometer which you can reuse every time and always be certain of results.

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