How can a bread have an expiration date of one year into the future?? The bread in questions is Deutsche Küche rye bread (from Aldi). Yes, it is a dense bread, but it is not dry like a cracker, so there seems to be enough moisture for mold to grow. There are no preservatives.

Edit (pictures added): Deutsche Küche in package Deutsche Küche slice

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    BTW: it does look like an authentic Schwarzbrot indeed. Commented Dec 9, 2016 at 13:05

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It's the baking and packaging.

These dark rye breads are baked for a very long time (effectively pasteurizing them) and then sealed in their packaging. If you do this in a commercial setting that can ensure a mostly contaminant-free environement, such breads can last a long time.

Once you break the seal by opening the pack, your bread will get moldy like all other breads.

The very dense crumb structure and compounds in the whole-grain rye used might to a certain degree inhibit the growth of mold, but not enough to make the bread last for months.

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