I'm trying to create a 'sticky apple pecan cake', the recipe calls for Maple Syrup. Sadly that's really hard to get here.

I do have a full bottle of 'regular' syrup in my cabinet, could I use that instead? It's thicker than maple syrup but the sweetness is about the same to me.

This is the recipe:

1½ cups of cooking oil
2 cups sugar
4 Eggs
3 cups of flour
1 tsp baking soda
½ tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
2 tsps vanilla
3½ cups Granny Smith apples (approximately 3-4 apples), peeled and chopped
1 cup of chopped pecans

Caramel Glaze
¾ cups butter (1½ sticks)
1 cup light brown sugar
¼ cup milk
1 tsp vanilla

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    There is no maple or regular syrup in this recipe. – mattm Dec 13 '16 at 18:28
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    Jane, welcome! I just formatted your post for you, but I can't find maple syrup in your ingredient list. Could you please edit your post and fix this? – Stephie Dec 13 '16 at 18:29
  • Are you following Chris Scheuer's recipe for Sticky Apple Pecan Cake? What do you mean by 'regular' syrup? It is corn syrup (light or dark) or pancake syrup? – Giorgio Dec 13 '16 at 18:42

You can definitely use regular (if you mean regular is in Betty Crocker and the like) as a replacement for Maple Syrup in this recipe. The flavor won't be quite as nice because you'll be missing the maple flavor, but it will definitely have the sweetness you want.

  • I don't agree. Betty Crocker is fructose and maple syrup is sucrose. I am not sure they will heat in the same way. – Douglas Held Nov 4 '17 at 2:56

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