I have a coworker with a dairy/whey sensitivity, yet I love making rum balls around this time of year and plan on bringing a batch to work.

Are there any close substitutions I can use in place of wafer crumbs that will stay fairly true to the original recipe?

  • I've seen recipes without dairy or "whey"; can' you just switch recipe ?
    – Max
    Dec 22, 2016 at 15:44

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Graham crackers should work well for you. I have used graham crackers and vanilla wafers interchangeably for several recipes. There are rum ball recipes that list several different crushed cookie options (using the same volume of each.)


I have vegan friends who love my rum ball recipe (which also calls for vanilla wafers). I've had great success using a vegan snickerdoodle crisp that I found at the store. Anything sufficiently crunchy without too-overpowering a flavor should be fine.

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