I couldn't find acini di pepe pasta in my nearby grocery store. Can I substitute Israeli couscous (bigger pearls than regular couscous) or do I need to find a store with a bigger selection? What are the differences between the two pastas?


Overall, you should be fine. Those two are closely related, both pasta-like little pearls from extruded dough.

The main difference is that Israeli couscous / Ptitim is toasted, giving it a slightly nuttier flavour. For most use cases they should be useable interchangeably.

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    I agree with the main point that couscous should be fine. However, couscous and Ptitim are not the same. Ptitim are pasta proper, whereas couscous is made using a different process. – Carmi Dec 28 '16 at 8:53

They might use different types of wheat, but that's about it. There's no egg in either recipe, which sometimes differentiates pastas, but not here!

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