How can i optimize the use of seasonings in salty food? When i cook, for ex, chicken breasts, i always put way more pepper and paprika than the original recipe (however, i put the same or an smaller amount of salt) but in a lot of cases, my food comes out tasteless! Does the amount of seasoning implies more flavour? For example, when cooking meat: is it better to add the seasoning when the meat is already at the fire or should i add it before? Does a small amount of salt makes the food be "less tasty"? Thanks.

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Crickey, where to begin. Firstly there is a great article here which will put things far more eloquently than I can. However, everyone is different. I assume that you are cooking for yourself/friends/family, and not in a professional setting. Salt brings out flavors, and unless you actually want to taste salt (for example, crisps), then it should be used solely for that purpose. I think that maybe you should start using a touch more salt, and go back to your original recipe's other seasoning amounts. This should help balance things out. Like a lot of cooking, it is a case of try and try again until you get it right (for you). have fun!

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