I'm trying to cook eggs in a convection microwave. It is NOT using microwave to do it - I've made bread, pies, etc in it. Any recommendations on timing and temps?


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Assuming that you are going to use your convection microwave without the microwave function, your question boils down to "How do I boil or bake an egg in a (toaster) oven?".

The answer? Slowly.
In an oven, heat transfer is via air, which is a way worse conductor than water. So you put your eggs either directly on the grill rack or in a small container. Many sources recommend a metal muffin tray, because all the hot eggs han be handeled at once and in the rare case of breakage, the mess is contained. Temperature recommendations vary a bit, but for hard boiled eggs, the rule of thumb is:

30 minutes at 160-180 C / 320-355 F

A word of warning:
Do not bake your eggs too long!
If the temperature of the egg exceeds the boiling temperature, the water in the egg turns into steam and you have created a little egg-bomb, which may go off inside your oven or while you are handling the hot egg. The effect is better known from failed attempts at boiling eggs in a microwave, but the danger is real.

  • What about... immersing the egg in some water? That will at least keep you from superheating the egg.... Feb 20, 2017 at 16:59

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