I just noticed my olive oil expired on 2016/6, however, I couldn't tell that by taste and it still seems fine to use.

Can I continue on using it? It seems such a waste to throw it away since it still works well for frying/cooking.

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If it tastes and smells fine, I would still use it. It won't do you any harm. It may just have a diminished/diminishing flavor.

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I'm not aware of oil ever expiring. In fact it's commonly used to preserve food (for example dried tomatoes) because it traps out air and avoids bacterial growth. I suppose is a "best consumed before" more than a proper expiry date.

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  • Actually, it can go rancid, even before expiration date - but that also makes it taste worse or even unpalatable. – rackandboneman Apr 3 '17 at 8:37

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