Are there any thermometers that you can put in clay ovens, or under a broiler? Most of the thermometers have a temperature limit of 350 ~ 400 degrees.

I actually burnt one down last year by turning the broiler on by accident.

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    If you want to go even hotter than Robert's answer, look for industrial thermocouples. Type K or N, for example, will get you FAR hotter than you'd ever want to cook at (unless you're cooking clay)
    – derobert
    Commented Oct 12, 2010 at 15:28
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    @derobert - I think you should include your comment as an answer
    – dassouki
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You'll want a commercial oven or high heat thermometer.

This one goes to 750° F (about 400 C):

alt text

My Big Green Egg Temperature Gauge goes up to 750° F (about 400 C).

alt text

But if I want to monitor the internal temperature of what you are cooking in a hotter oven/broiler, I usually use a remote thermometer which has an all-metal wire and probe:

alt text


If all else fails, look up a scientific supply house (maybe Fisher Scientific). You'll be looking at more money, of course, and a lot of the stuff won't be certified as "food safe".


I was looking for a similar scenario, and I found this thermometer, which goes up to 550 C, so it would be apprepriate for a pizza/bread oven. It is designed to be installed in the door.

Door Thermometer for Wood Oven

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