I am making dal and would like a suggestion for an oil that could be a substitute for avocado oil.

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For dal, any oil will work because it is a fairly minor flavor component of the dish. The other flavors (I assume onion, garlic, and spices) will predominate. I have used vegetable oil, grape seed oil, and olive oil when making dal, all with no problems.


Coconut oil or ghee can be used. Both are commonly-used cooking oils in the Indian subcontinent.

I've lived in Sri Lanka for most of the last 14 years, and those are the only oils I use in my Sri Lankan/Indian cooking. They're also the only oils my Sri Lankan mother in law uses.


Mostly it depends of what kind of Dal you are making. But generally for dal you can use any Oil , Ghee or Butter. But more preferably Sunflower oil. You'll love the taste and aroma of the dal once its done.

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