Usually, I strain small batches of yogurt through a cheesecloth, but cleaning the cloth afterward is cumbersome. I'm thinking to buy an industrial stainless strainer (40cm / 16" diameter, 10cm / 4" tall) with a mesh, akin to a flour sieve.

What's the best mesh size that would work for full-fat yogurt? The factory has all the sizes from 12.5mm to 0.003mm (3µm).

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    Come across 200µm but unsure what others hole sizes may work. There is no correlation data between cheese cloth thread count and mesh size anywhere.
    – user110084
    Jun 7, 2017 at 13:08

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Have you seen this piece and the Bouillon strainer mentioned in it? There is no information on mesh size unfortunately.


I am part of the Instant Pot (pressure cooker) community and we make a LOT of yogurt. I don't strain mine, but others swear by this strainer. I think it's plastic, though, so this won't help if you're trying to avoid it.



The comments by michael and jolenealaska on the answer to this similar question, suggest, if no pressure is applied, that a standard mesh strainer can be used.

Unfortunately I don't know what measurement the holes are but this implies that an extra fine mesh is not necessary.

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