I bought the ICE-30BC ice cream machine from cuisinart after reading hundreds of reviews on amazon and youtube They all said that it will make a smooth and creamy ice cream.

I tried the red fruits sorbet: Raspberry Strawberry With sugar syrup

When I churned the mix and taste the mix it was smooth and delicious but when I kept it in the fridge for the next day it was hard and I felt the ice crystals when I ate a portion.

The reason is the machine ? The fridge or a missing ingredient ?


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A few possibilities, hard to say given the amount of detail:

  • you didn't blend the mixture smooth enough, so you have ice crystals from the water in small pieces of fruit that were left
  • you didn't churn it long enough, so when it finished freezing in the freezer, it developed larger ice crystals, while if it'd been churned longer they'd have been smaller
  • your recipe has too little sugar (too much fruit/water, including what was in the syrup), so it was never going to work out

See also What determines whether a sherbet will set or not? and Is there a magic ingredient that keeps ice-cream soft?, among many other past questions on soft sorbet/sherbet/ice cream.


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