After cooking masoor dal in pressure cooker, I used to saute it with ghee but since I don't have ghee and it's midnight, can I saute it with butter? will it taste bad?


You should be able to do it, just be careful not using too high a temperature so not to burn the butter.


You could clarify the butter yourself. Melt your butter completely over a gentle heat, or on a low setting in a microwave. Skim any white froth from the top. Gently pour off the clear yellow butterfat from the milky residue underneath.

  • As a non-Indian who's eaten at Indian restaurants many 100s of times and cooked curries several dozen times, I wonder if the difference between butter and ghee that critical? If so why? Would you immediately notice a taste difference? Or texture? Or does the ghee simply get hotter and thus make the other ingredients cook differently? – Swiss Frank Sep 5 '20 at 8:44
  • I would certainly notice a taste difference, in European cooking, too.. rich (mouth-feel?), sweet, aromatic.. I would love to know exactly why. Certainly whole butter will not fry spices for a tarka .It would boil then burn before the oil remains. Maybe the aroma is something to do with the prominence of lactones? Depending where you are, most Indian restaurants will use vegetable, not butter, ghee. – Robin Betts Sep 5 '20 at 9:13

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