Is yeast that is two years old and has never been opened be used


If I were you, I'd do a simple test that determines, how active (= alive) your yeast is.

When you supply yeast with ideal living conditions, you can observe the activity - or lack of - as the yeast bubbles and foams.

For a test, you sprinkle yeast in lukewarm water and check for activity. A detailed description can be found here, for example.

This should give you the answer whether your yeast is still useable or not.

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Well I just used a 7rys expired yeast that was vacuumed packed and rose my my baking buns and pizza. it bubbled when I tested it. Go figure

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    Welcome to the site - yes, vacuum packed and dehydrated/freeze-dried yeast will keep quite a long time, so long as the packaging is OK, this is because the yeast is induced into a spore-like state, which is quite stable. – bob1 Jun 29 at 8:13

No it wont work. I tried many a times with 2 years old dry yeast and it didnt work at all. Finally I came to the conclusion that old yeasts create more mess and wastage

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