basil gone bad?

My basil often spoils after 2- 3 days of purchasing them from the supermarket. I have tried wrapping them in a wet paper towels in order to keep them hydrated, but it doesnt seem to have any effect.

How do you preserve your fresh basil leaves for longer than a few days?


Best? Potted plant.

enter image description here

Not just always absolutely fresh, it's also self-replenishing! There may exist tricks like moist towels, keeping them in cold (refrigerated), or preserving them in ways that keep most flavor (in oil), and combinations thereof, but they all are a trade-off between freshness time and quality and all make the leaves degrade in order of at best weeks. Considering that as potted plant basil remains fresh nearly indefinitely, they are all far inferior.

The information about proper care of the plant is abundant on the Internet; here's one comprehensive guide, but in fact the plant is quite durable and grows lush; just give it some sun and water and don't pick it bare and it will keep growing for a long time.


Make pesto and freeze it.

Buy basil with stems, not picked leaves, and store it in a vase outside the fridge. I do that at the end of the season when frost threatens if I can't make it all into pesto immediately. There's some loss, but it can go as much as a couple of weeks.

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