After many years our current wok is dying. It did not have the non-stick coating, and we continue to not want non-stick coating on our wok. But every time I search for "hard anodized wok without non-stick coating" I get 10,000 listings for hard anodized woks WITH non-stick coating.

Can anyone give me some suggestions for what we are looking for? Does it just not exist any more?

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    Have you tried changing your search? something like - hard anodized wok -nonstick ? Search engines can't always tell that when you say "without" they mean "does not have", but if you say -nonstick it will exclude results that include the term "nonstick"... it won't necessarily catch everything but it should help somewhat. When I use that search, I get results that include: amazon.com/Crystal-Diamond-Nano-Anodized-16-8inch/dp/B01CJ9Q5WQ – Catija Sep 13 '17 at 22:31
  • Catija, thanks but not helpful, I think all the negatives got you confused -- saying "nonstick" will search for woks with a nonstick coating. That is the opposite of what I want. Saying "not non-stick" just brings up more nonstick choices, the search just ignores the word "not". – Tmace Sep 14 '17 at 0:09
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    No, adding a - before a term excludes it from the search. so if you search "hard anodized wok -nonstick" (without the quotes) it will exclude any page with the word "nonstick" on it. – Catija Sep 14 '17 at 0:13
  • Try searching for traditional woks instead. – GdD Sep 14 '17 at 8:54
  • Catija, thank you, didn't understand (or see) the - sign. Did not have time yesterday to do more searching. Will try again, and report back. – Tmace Sep 15 '17 at 4:47

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