I am a vegan and love to bake cakes. But every cake recipe requires egg which I don't want to use. So can anybody tell me what should I use in replacement of eggs without affecting the results?


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Unless you like experimenting, I suggest that you simply use recipes for vegan cakes. Eggs are a versatile ingredient with many purposes, and there is no 1:1 vegan egg replacement that covers all of these uses.

If you're Swedish I warmly recommend the books and facebook page of Karolina Tegelaar, in particular her cake book. If not there are plenty of other vegan cake books available in english, such as Have Your Cake and Vegan Too.

When you've tried some of these recipes, you'll get a feeling for what substitutes work for which purposes and can begin to recombine, experiment and innovate :)


I would suggest that you look for an vegan egg substitute in a health food store or the vegan section of your local or favorite grocery store. Good Luck!!

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