I have read the boards from people who ask what they can do with a pecan pie that did not set up and all the responses are what the cook should have done from the beginning. That doesn't help. Is there something I can do NOW to fix it? Should I try baking it more? Should I microwave it? Help!!


let it sit out and dehydrate a bit?

fold it into vanilla ice cream?

next time: more egg in the filling or use less filling or lower temp/longer bake time

  • If dehydrating is a good idea, it'd probably be faster to do in a low-temperature oven (say 200F/95C), low enough that it shouldn't brown the crust much more. – Cascabel Sep 29 '17 at 15:55
  • to add to @Jefromi answer, you may wish to wrap the pie crust's edges with aluminum foil, shiny side out to prevent further browning of the crust. – Jesse Cohoon Oct 2 '17 at 0:15

If I had a couple hours or more, Id try to refrigerate a runny pie. Maybe the filling will gel in the fridge but it would take a little time.

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