I'm hoping to make some Boston brown bread in the near future, and the recipe I plan to use (http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/10/gluten-free-boston-brown-bread-recipe.html) calls for 'unlined 28-ounce cans', but doesn't specify what it means by 'unlined'. Other recipes I've looked at either say 'any metal can' or just say to use a loaf pan, and I've found lists of which brands of canned food don't use BPA in the lining of their cans, but nothing listing completely unlined cans.

Is there a website somewhere that lists either where I can find food-safe unlined cans, or which types of lining are safe to bake in? (Or am I just overthinking this, since presumably the cans are exposed to equal or higher temperatures during the canning process?)

Thanks all!


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I normally use tin bread molds for baking. They are 'unlined', and so far, they seem to be safe enough. I suppose lining also refers to teflon coating, which is also safe for baking.

Try your luck with tin, the link below has a image for a bread mold similar to those I use.


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