This question is about the plastic "Oven Bags" used to roast various kinds of meat or poultry in. I have some of these made by Reynolds Co., and in the Cooking Guide that came along in the package, it says: "Add 1 TBSP flour to bag. Shake! This helps prevent bag from bursting." This was before you put the rest of the food into the bag. Well, it didn't burst, so I guess that means it worked, but they also had me cut six slits into the bag to let steam escape.

My question is how would the 1 TBSP flour prevent the bag from bursting, and why would it burst anyway, with six slits in it?

  • Can't answer and I was surprised about how adamantly the company insists on using flour. The oven bags available here in Germany don't mention flour at all in their instructions. And yes, the slits prevent bursting. Perhaps they want to thicken the juices into a kind of gravy? – Stephie Nov 24 '17 at 20:09

My hypothesis is that they believe (correct or not) that the flour will absorb excess moisture. Absorbing this moisture could prevent a build up of steam and the bag "blowing up", and perhaps they also think it could lead to crisper skin. I don't know how true this is, but it seems like a plausible hypothesis!

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