What is the ratio between flour, sugar, fat, liquid, and egg for waffles? I searched up "baking ratios" and "cooking ratios" but the closest thing that came up was for pancakes. Now, I know pancakes and waffles have different compositions.

I really want to make my own recipe for orange flavored waffles, and want to do so using the help of a golden ratio.

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    Waffles just need more fat (oil) so they won't stick to the waffle maker. – MaxW Jan 1 '18 at 4:39

You cannot find a "golden ratio" as there is no such thing for something as diverse as "waffles":

  • Brussels Waffles
  • Liège Waffles
  • Butter waffles
  • Vanilla waffles
  • Blueberry waffles
  • Honey Waffles
  • ...

Just take a recipe for waffles that resembles the kind of waffles you want to make and substitute one ingredient for another (In this case, I'd start with a blueberry waffle recipe and change the blueberries with oranges cut up in cubes as big as blueberries).

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