I don't have shortening and was wondering what pork fat would do to the texture of my crusty rolls? Can pork or bacon fat be used to replace shortening in rolls?

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Absolutely, it make give it a smokey but pleasant after taste but I in some ways prefer it to commercial lard. All bacon fat is, is a type of lard anyways done with typical dry heat such as a skillet or pan. It is arguably the best replacement you can use when making such dishes.


Yes, animal fats such as lard or rendered bacon fat may be substituted for shortening. Really, shortening is a substitute for animal fats in the first place!

Lard and bacon fat do have a lower melting temperature than shortening, but for a kneaded dough, rather than a pastry dough, which is what I'm assuming you mean when you say "rolls," this difference is immaterial.

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