I have never made injeolmi before but am keen to try - I have a few questions though before I try:

  • steaming vs microwaving the rice dough? I imagine it gets uber sticky in the steamer, a recipe suggested a cotton towel, but wouldn't that ruin the towel?
  • I don't have toasted soybean flour - any substitution recommendations? I was thinking matcha and icing sugar/ cocoa powder and icing sugar. But I do have canned beans I could drain and oven dry or dehydrate and then powder?
  • when 'pounding' the dough, what is the best method? What consistency and texture am I looking for?
  • I'd like to stuff it with sweet red bean paste, any advice for best method/recipe for this?

Thanks all!

  • Seriouseat's Bravetart suggests toasted soy flour as a substitution for malted milk powder, so I would guess the reverse also work. – Agos Feb 22 '18 at 9:35

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