I just moved into a new flat and there seems to be some black spots in the kitchen sink(image attached).Is this black mold?How can I get rid of them safely?enter image description here

PS: There is some black mold lining on the wall in the outer edge of the sink.And I am allergic to bleach

Update : I tried scrubbing it with dish soap and it washed away very easily. I am now more worried if that could be mold or just dirt/buildup :(

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    This Q might be better addressed over at the DIY/Home-Improvement SE. – brhans Feb 19 '18 at 22:08
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    Looks to me more like soot marks left from scrubbing a burnt bottom pan. Steel wool should take it out. – Wayfaring Stranger Feb 19 '18 at 23:31

I would try a Magic Eraser first, then Barkeepers Friend, which is a powdered cleaner that's great on SS sinks.

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If you zoom in and take a look at some of the striation marks running through the suspect stuff:

enter image description here

... you can see that something was able to scratch through it easily, probably flatware or a knife. I personally use the same chainmail scrubbers that I use on cast iron to clean that sort of stuff off of stainless. It won't leave 'tracks' like steel wool / Brillo might.

Whether or not it's mold would be up to a field test to confirm, but I highly suspect it's just some muck / soot from a pan, you generally don't see mold settle in sinks outside of ring seals around them or the drain.

Some hot water and a good scrubbing should be all you need.

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