What kind of oven do they use on the Great British Baking Show? When they tell the oven temperature they follow the number with the word "fan". Is this a convection oven?


The Great British Baking Show is actually the Great British Bake-Off, they seem to change the name when it goes onto PBS for some reason. The ovens they use are Neff "slide and hide" models with multiple settings. The fan mode is convection mode. If you don't have a convection mode the recommendation is to increase your temperature by 15 degrees C, or about 30 degrees F. Conversely if you have a convection oven and you want to use a non-convection recipe you'd drop the temperature by the same amount.

  • I have heard that the word "Bake-Off is copy righted by the Pillsbury Bake Off so the title was changed for viewing in America. – Marilyn Mar 11 '18 at 18:05

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