The collard greens that I have received are red. Is this normal/healthy? Image attached.

Red Collard Greens

Google searching this gives me zero results that are anywhere near relevant. I also can't find any images of red collard greens, they are always green in the image search.

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No, that is not normal for collards. Enlarging the picture, the discoloration looks to be a brownish-red. Those leaves look to be very old and quite possibly have been frozen (while still in the field), especially the one on the right. I would be tossing those.

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    Excuse the cheap shot: They aren't called collard reds for a reason :) Mar 19, 2018 at 22:46
  • @rackandboneman yeah, like Roquefort isn't called a blue cheese for a reason. ...wait... Mar 21, 2018 at 9:31

Ours are red too. Green toward the middle/newer part of plant and more red on the lower leaves and tips of green leaves. Usually, they get better with cold (live in SC), especially if it snows - makes them sweet.

This year it may be a couple reasons. One is variety. This year we have Georgua collards. Past years have been a 'blue' variety. This years variety seems to have more red as the season progresses, but only I certain beds. Other beds they're still green all around; this leads me to suspect alkalinity. The red ones are in beds where the soil more neutral or alkaline, the green ones are in more acidic soil.

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