soft and hard cheeses were left overnight in the refrigerator with the door was a bit open and the temperature was at 57degrees in the morning . Is the cheese safe to eat?


Yes, cheese is a very resilient food. That's why it was invented/discovered: to enable people to have the benefits of milk without the perishability. According to http://www.cheesemaking.com/learn/how-to/make-a-cheese-cave.html ...

how you want to age your cheese is at "A proper and as constant Temperature (45-58F) as possible", so assuming you are talking about Fahrenheit (ha-ha.), that's an OK temperature for cheese (even for extended periods like aging). Keeping it at colder, refrigerator temps is better for slowing down unwanted mold development, but 57 degrees F, overnight: it's fine.

Not sure about the rest of the refrigerator contents though, like the milk maybe.

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