I was reading the discussion about "Pastry flour for bread" and noticed that several types of flour were mentioned. I looked at my bread flour and noticed that it says 4%. I looked at the AP flour, a common brand, it says 3%. My question is, is it possible to add gluten to increase the protein content in the flour? I am relatively new at making bread. I am trying to bake an Italian recipe for crusty bread by translating the ingredients into what is available in the US. The recipe calls for Flour 00. Thanks for the advice.

  • Type 00 is supposedly a lot finer than normal bread flour. – Journeyman Geek Jun 3 '18 at 14:47
  • "new at making bread", don't change gluten or enzyme levels of flour. "Italian recipe" use AP flour for 00. – Optionparty Jun 3 '18 at 15:24
  • If you give the recipe then more help might be possible. – MaxW Jun 3 '18 at 15:51
  • I don't know what you read, but I doubt you can find flour as low as 3% gluten. And bread flour is certainly not 4%, it is in the 11-13 range. So check your numbers again before adding something. – rumtscho Jun 4 '18 at 14:12

There is a product available here in the United States called 'Vital Wheat Gluten'. It is 75% to 80% gluten. Added to any flour, you'll increase the gluten in the mix

Just Googled it to buy in your area

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