How can I make burger buns that I can keep for a long time?

I have tried making some, but fungus starts growing on them after just two days...

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Best way to keep bread for a long time, more than 1 day, especially burger buns, which are more fragile than regular bread is to freeze them.

Slice them open and freeze them as quickly as possible, but in a freeze bag.

(edit) If your buns start having fungus after just a couple of days, maybe there is something wrong with your recipe; could you share the recipe?


I've also been making burger buns for more than a year now, including with egg wash and sesame on top (tip).

Best solution is to freeze them to keep them for more than a couple days.

You can also keep them a couple days, up to a week, without freezing using the following methods:

  • Add a preservative. This may sound 'unnatural' but a very common preservative is E300, which is Vitamine C. Lemon juice!
  • Store it in a paper bag, which will allow water vapor to escape and not create a too humid environment around the bread. Humid environments will cause fungus.

Good luck

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