What does one get when one combines cocktail sauce and tartar sauce in equal parts?

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    Russell, welcome to Seasoned Advice! The part whether the combination of the two sauces has e.g. a special name is something that the community can answer (although I suspect not). Whether this would make a good seafood dip is opinion-based, which we don’t do here. I suggest you take the tour and browse our help center to learn more about how the site works. For now, I’m removing the opinion-based part. – Stephie Jul 28 '18 at 20:25
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    It's called Tartail sauce, or Cocktar sauce, whichever you like best ;) . The second one sounds like something out of the Klingon dictionary. – GdD Jul 30 '18 at 8:44

Barring the thickening with finely sieved hard-boiled egg/egg-yolk, this combination is heading in the direction of Thousand Island dressing. Given that recipe is so variable, you could just about get away with calling it that.

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