I had these spring rolls at a restraunt, but as you can see the outside was quite different to the 'normal' spring rolls I usually see.

The texture is light and crispy and looks 'stringy (but doesn't taste or feel that way).

I think it was quite interesting and would like to give them a shot but aren't sure what they're called to search for a recipe.

Spring Rolls

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It's regular roll made with net rice wrapper
It's common wrapper in Vietnam. Here's site when you can see the package and rolls made with it bearnakedfood

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In London from a Vietnamese restaurant, I have received this variant of the spring roll.

It is called Chả Giò Rế Chiên Giòn (the "nest" variant of Chả Giò spring roll)

Beautiful Google images here :) https://www.google.com/search?q=Ch%E1%BA%A3+Gi%C3%B2+R%E1%BA%BF+Chi%C3%AAn+Gi%C3%B2n&tbm=isch

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