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While frying in the pan, meat gives out the moisture, that causes oil to "shoot".

How do you make cutlets? And is there something, that I can add to the meat, to make water stay inside or go out slower? I've tried to add dry bread to meat, but it doesn't help. Maybe egg?

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    Question is closed so I can't answer. I make cutlets with about 50% meat, 40% mixture of onions and courgette, blended to a liquid with egg, salt, powdered white pepper, and 10% panko bread crumbs. The percentages are all by volume. My cutlets are quite liquid when raw; I cook in oil as quenelles or just patties; turning when lightly browned and then baking in a warm oven until fully cooked. Because I do not fully cook the cutlets in the oil, the liquid does not escape and cause much splattering. – Douglas Held Aug 8 '18 at 7:48
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    By the way, "cutlet" is not a clearly defined term in all English locales. For instance, sometimes a cutlet is a lamb chop, other times a mechanically tenderized small joint of meat; whereas I assume in your question you are referring to the "frikacadelle" kind of cutlet. – Douglas Held Aug 8 '18 at 7:51

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