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I don't really use brown sugar that often and I would like to know, if I am baking a recipe that calls for a cup of brown sugar, could I use white sugar instead? If not, why? Do they not "bake" the same?

Thank you!

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    Brown sugar keeps indefinitely if kept dry, so if you use it infrequently, why wouldn't you keep it in? – Chris H Sep 17 '18 at 16:25


Brown sugar is nothing more than white granular sugar plus molasses. That's it!

1 Tbsp molasses per cup of granular sugar = light brown sugar and 2 Tbsp molasses for dark brown sugar. There is no need to waste your money buying either, or worse, both.

Omitting the molasses and just using plain white sugar in a recipe will however change the taste somewhat in the finished product. You'll need to experiment to determine if that flavor change is acceptable to you and those you cook for.

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    There will be some affect on texture as well as taste. Cookies, for example, will spread less with more white sugar and less brown. – Lee Daniel Crocker Sep 17 '18 at 16:58

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