Recently when I scrambled some eggs, I noticed some bright blue patches inside the eggs. Not around the outside, but when I took a bite out of part of one there was a bright blue patch in the uneaten half.

It wasn't even a natural, mold sort of blue, but looked almost like dye. But I didn't notice anything when I first cracked the egg. One of my friends has had a similar experience. How could this happen?

I discarded the rest of the eggs, but would they have been safe to eat?

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With boiled eggs, the yolk can get a blue/green tint, particularly when over-cooked or cooked at too high a temp a reaction most of us have seen. It is a reaction between sulfur and iron. The same can occur with scrambled eggs. Over cooking and cooking at high temperature is considered a prime culprit. Cooking in iron reportedly increases the likelihood as it increases the available iron for the reaction. If the eggs are old, or if the birds have had a diet that resulted in a bit more sulfur in the yolk it might be more likely.

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