The first time that I used this blueberry oatmeal bread machine recipe, I used honey that was liquid at room temperature. The second time, I used honey that was solid at room temperature. In order to measure the honey, I heated it in the microwave. It was still liquid when I put it into the bread machine, and I began the mix cycle shortly, after adding the solid ingredients.

How does the viscosity of honey affect bread? The bread tasted less moist and less cake-like the second time, so I wonder if the honey caused the difference. Should I be sure to use liquid honey in the future?

  • It sounds like your honey had crystallized a little for your second batch? I doubt you would notice, amongst all those other ingredients, and after baking, the difference between crystallized honey and non-. Especially if you "un-crystallized" the honey to measure. Maybe some other circumstance - like the dried blueberries? -- or other. – Lorel C. Dec 4 '18 at 16:41

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