I am planning on making eggnog for the first time. I am from Australia where eggnog is not really a thing, and living in the UK where that still seems to be the case. This means I haven't grown up seeing how eggnog gets prepared and stored.

I am aware that some recipes of eggnog are made to be stored and aged for a week or more, sometimes a month or even several months. I plan to make some tomorrow to have on boxing day (so 14 days). If I were to make eggnog to be consumed in a day or two I imagine I'd just store it in a plastic jug, but what should I be using if I were to store it for longer?

The eggnog recipe on Alton Brown's website mentions storing it in glass jars. Should I be using mason jars, or jam jars with screw-on lids, or is either fine? Are there better/worse answers?

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    I use a 2-quart mason jar that I've had in the fridge since Thanksgiving. Every couple of days I take it out, shake it a bit, and turn it over (so it spends half its time upside-down). Do note that it's important for the mix to be 20% alcohol to be safe to age. Commented Dec 11, 2018 at 21:41

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When in doubt, look at how the professionals do it: Use the vodka bottle that'll be empty by the time the eggnog is ready to be poured into a container.

Jam jars are easier if you don't have a funnel handy, but depending how much of an alcoholic you are on the alcohol content of your eggnog, you could use the proverbial chalice found in the basement of your castle and just give it a fast wipe-down with a 100 year cloth as it contains so much alcohol it'll sterilise said chalice.

Personally, I use my left-over eggnog to strip paint off walls. ;-) 0:-)


I made a double batch of Alton Brown's aged eggnog in July. It's been sitting in several 32 oz mason jars and tastes great when I sneak a sip every few days. I didn't fill them all the way (so the nog doesn't contact the lids at all, except when I shake it up right before serving)

https://altonbrown.com/eggnog-recipe/ he suggests a "large glass jar"

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