I have a Cook's Essentials K22739 multi use pot. It has 2 pressure cooker settings, and one setting each for steam, brown, warm and slow cook. If I have a small pork roast whose packaging says to slow cook with one inch of water on high for 4 hours or with one inch of water for 4 hours in a pre-heated 350 degree oven, how long should I slow cook it in my pot which has only one setting for slow cook???

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I found the manual (PDF) for it on the QVC website. Reading that - which is frustrating because it's in a strange order - if you find what's labeled as page 8, it says that the cooker runs at 180 F, which is the equivalent of the low setting on a traditional slow cooker:

  1. [. . .] The longest cooking time is 9 1/2 hours with a temperature of 180°F. Note: 180°F is the lowest setting on a traditional slow cooker.

The Crock Pot website suggests that the equivalent of four hours on high is eight hours on low. Which seems to be supported on other sources, too.


With your multi-cooker, you'll want to cook your roast for about 8 hours on the slow cook setting.

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