A local grocer is selling cooked, frozen King Crab Legs. I'd like to buy them a week in advance of Christmas and keep them frozen until it's time to eat them.

If they sit in my freezer for 7 days, will that be too much time? (will they go bad in any way?) And assuming they aren't fully frozen, do I have to thaw them first before putting them in the freezer? (like you would for raw meat)

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Keep them frozen. Freezing and thawing will impact the texture adversely. Wrap them well. For 7 days you will not have a problem. For longer storage, vacuum sealing is better so that you avoid freezer burn.


I remember my parents freezing their seafood in those waxed milk cartons filled with water(?). Turns out that's not far off. A number of resources suggest using a brine (salt water solution) in a sealable freezer bag.

I imagine tourists must be buying a lot of fish/seafood for them to include Tips on Freezing Seafood on the Prince Edward Islands tourist website.

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