I prepared Brie En Croute using 1/2 of a 16.9oz/480g round of Brie and a single layer of frozen puff pastry dough. I also added a few dollops of apricot preserves inside. When wrapped, the pastry mostly just had one layer of dough but some was double-layered.

After baking, the pastry was beautiful but was too rich and creamy. I have had Brie En Croute before and the sweetness of the preserves, richness of the cheese, and savory pastry flavor were balanced well. This however, was definitely just CHEESE.


How can I make Brie En Croute but balance the flavors better? How do I make the cheese less... cheesy?

In the future...

I will definitely cut off the rind a bit! It was very pungent in the Brie En Croute.

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Use younger Brie.

You can get Brie in various ages, all the way from barely a week old - which is clean & white all the way through, & almost dry & crumbly, mild as cream cheese [Philadelphia etc]; right up to a year or more - dark yellow & pretty much a gooey liquid with a slightly more solid centre.

Obviously, the older/more ripe, the stronger the flavour.

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