Sorry for taking up your time. Just wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a garlic crusher from?

I want to cook some Italian food, but every Thai person i ask has no idea what a garlic crusher is. I looked at Hicorfe, any other place i can try?

This is my friend's garlic press. Any ideas or suggestions?

enter image description here


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    Any kitchen store? amazon? Look for "garlic press". – Robert Jan 7 at 3:42
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If all you want to do is cook Italian food and you want to use fresh garlic, crushing the garlic with the flat of a knife and then mincing it finely will get you through the night without a special shopping trip.

Nearly any store that sells kitchen accessories should have multiple garlic presses to choose from. Knowing the country in which you reside could help, but examples include all of the following options.

Kitchen Supply Stores

  • Happy Kitchen (physical)
  • Cook's Direct (online)

General-Purpose Stores

  • Amazon (online)
  • EBay (online)
  • Target (physical & online)

Grocery Stores often have overpriced kitchen accessories as a convenience to their shoppers, garlic presses included.

  • Safeway (physical)
  • Whole Foods (physical)
  • This makes a big assumption that isn't justified by the question: There are strong hints that the OP isn't in the US (as all your offline and 1/3 of your online sources are) and nothing to suggest they are in the US. – Chris H Jan 7 at 16:51

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