One time I had a vegan friend Derrick who very much liked meat substitutes. We used to have cook-offs and we would cook Derrick Black-bean burgers and BBQ Tofu. In these dishes vegetables function to replace meats.

I have a friend (whose name I'll withhold for his protection), he's all about the new Carnivore Diet and for, "health reasons", only wants to eat meat. We we're planning on doing a Steak Dinner but I'm struggling with the kinds of sides we can serve for steak that would lend to carnivore alternatives.

My goal is inclusivity, and to provide a meal with all meat-alternatives that doesn't leave my carnivore friend feeling excluded. I was thinking about serving white asparagus for us normies, and then cutting up some sauteed tripe which looks kind of like white asparagus for a meat-alternative. What other ideas are there to prepare meats that look like vegetables, or have a similar texture or taste?

(be respectful, we're all humans with love)

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    As the article points out that Inuit peoples are the only historical groups to survive almost exclusively on meat, maybe you should break out the 2 remaining pounds of polar bear liver that your other friend gave you. To be serious, though: you're in luck, not just because you still have face skin and functional organs after eating 2 lbs of polar bear liver, but because steak is already meat, so your unnamed friend will be happy to eat just the steak. Give him 1.5 steaks and he'll be happier than if you tried to concoct faux-veggies out of meat products. – Guildenstern Jan 7 at 23:12
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    To anyone besides Evan reading this, obviously never consider feeding your friends polar bear liver. – Guildenstern Jan 7 at 23:12
  • I'm not sure the historical background of the carnivore diet has any place here. I didn't even read that article, I just looked it up to provide some background. My friend told me about his dietary restricts and he takes it very seriously. – Evan Carroll Jan 7 at 23:17
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    Sorry, we don't take this type of question. We expect people to come already knowing what they want to cook, else there are endless possibilities and it turns into a big-list question. – rumtscho Jan 8 at 8:24