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I am making the cake named above, which I found on a British baking site. It call s for 5 1/2 oz of reg flour-sifted, and 2 1/4 oz of sifted corn flour. ? Does anyone know if this recipe in this context is calling for actual corn "flour" or is it cornstarch? Hope someone has the correct answer for me. Thanks so much!

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  • It is the very same thing. There is no difference (except the name) – Johannes_B Jan 10 at 7:45
  • Hi Sandy, it is not "in this context", it is standard British terminology. – rumtscho Jan 10 at 8:11
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    @Johannes_B in most places around the world, corn flour and cornstarch are not synonyms. – rumtscho Jan 10 at 8:12

Actual corn "flour" is not a traditional ingredient in Schichttorte. The common translation of corn flour translates to the German equivalent of "corn starch".

To be sure, you can have a look at different recipes for "Baumkuchen". It's the same batter as for Schichttorte, but baked on a stake instead of a flat surface.

  • The OP states that the recipe was from a British source. That means it uses what's known in Britain as corn flour. The same product happens to be called corn starch in other places. – Chris H Jan 10 at 7:58

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