When you want a marinade to penetrate into the skin of meat, poultry, fish etc it is best to use marinade and use a dry heat method but that will still only hit the surface or in case of brining my go a mm deep.

I'm wondering about the case with stews. Unlike a soup it seems part of the flavor goes on the surface of the meat but I cant be sure.

Can you describe to what extent the flavors in go on the meat with a stew as opposed to a soup?

I would imagine they do not go in at all but the stew sauce or water just coats the meat but could easily be washed off? However this may not be the case since even if you wash it, you can still tell there are some flavors on the meat, would you agree and if so, what exactly is happening as already asked.

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    I'm really not clear what you're actually asking from the question above. – FuzzyChef Jan 11 at 17:16

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